Goat Milk

As an alternative to Cow Milk – we bought Goat Milk for our 1year old.

She likes it.





(daffy) duck hearts

I dined at Zahav last night. James beard fancy pants-ery. good food.

We were brave and TRIED THE DUCK HEARTS. served over carroty puree with a sweet onion smeery on the plate. like the do on top chef. plop, then smeeeer, then main food. I think you are to drag the main food into the smeer. i did. smeer was good.

ok back to the hearts.

they were chewy. and tasted not like livers or kidneys like i expected but still not like duck breast.

i really couldnt get over the texture.

or the picture of daffy with a bulging heart. holding a bugs bunnian valentine. with an arooooooga sound track.

thump. thump. little duck heart.

BBQ creamed corn

i dont really know what creamed corn is but its good.

we’ll be trying some on the grill this weekend for our bbq pre-thanksgiving meal.

rachel ray says do it like this:


This farm girl has a better way here:


we’ll let you know!

Grilled Turkey





Found some great tips on Grilling a Turkey here:


Looking forward to trying it this Sunday for pre-thanksgiving.



BBQ thanksgiving

We are planning a BBQ thanksgiving. Look out in the next few weeks for some great posts on a bbq thanksgiving.

If you have any tips or tricks we’d love to hear them! post in the comment section, or @ me on twitter at @tomfoodlery

gobble gobble y’all


Charleston Chew!

Congrats to KCbakes for winning the giveaway and thanks to @robertmondavi !

Robert Mondavi Giveaway!

Free stuff thanks to the good folks at Robert Mondavi Discover Wine Tour! Which is wrapping up in Philadelphia (Valley Forge) Oct. 21-23!

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Is it:

a. good n plenty

b. Charleston chews

c. m&ms

d. mary janes

e. all of the above, there’s not a candy i haven’t met that i wouldn’t love to eat.