Goat Milk

As an alternative to Cow Milk – we bought Goat Milk for our 1year old.

She likes it.




(daffy) duck hearts

I dined at Zahav last night. James beard fancy pants-ery. good food.

We were brave and TRIED THE DUCK HEARTS. served over carroty puree with a sweet onion smeery on the plate. like the do on top chef. plop, then smeeeer, then main food. I think you are to drag the main food into the smeer. i did. smeer was good.

ok back to the hearts.

they were chewy. and tasted not like livers or kidneys like i expected but still not like duck breast.

i really couldnt get over the texture.

or the picture of daffy with a bulging heart. holding a bugs bunnian valentine. with an arooooooga sound track.

thump. thump. little duck heart.


BBQ creamed corn

i dont really know what creamed corn is but its good.

we’ll be trying some on the grill this weekend for our bbq pre-thanksgiving meal.

rachel ray says do it like this:


This farm girl has a better way here:


we’ll let you know!

Grilled Turkey





Found some great tips on Grilling a Turkey here:


Looking forward to trying it this Sunday for pre-thanksgiving.



BBQ thanksgiving

We are planning a BBQ thanksgiving. Look out in the next few weeks for some great posts on a bbq thanksgiving.

If you have any tips or tricks we’d love to hear them! post in the comment section, or @ me on twitter at @tomfoodlery

gobble gobble y’all


Charleston Chew!

Congrats to KCbakes for winning the giveaway and thanks to @robertmondavi !

Robert Mondavi Giveaway!

Free stuff thanks to the good folks at Robert Mondavi Discover Wine Tour! Which is wrapping up in Philadelphia (Valley Forge) Oct. 21-23!

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The first person to guess my favorite Halloween Candy wins FREE STUFF!  Like a Ted Allen cookbook

Enter your response and a contact email in the comments section by 10/19

Is it:

a. good n plenty

b. Charleston chews

c. m&ms

d. mary janes

e. all of the above, there’s not a candy i haven’t met that i wouldn’t love to eat.

Halloween Candy, if it ain’t chocolate, don’t bother

I had my first Halloween Candy of the season today. A peppermint batty.

Fantastic stuff.

Also, a good time to speak of the wonders of bats.  mostly they taste like peppermint and chocolate and eat mosquitoes and we need them. so buy a bat box and install it on the side of your house for delicious bats all year round.


Stogie Joe’s

After a long Monday day, we had company over and didnt feel like eating out, so we ordered take out from Stogie Joe’s

This is a good joint. I use the word joint to show my affection.

The house salad is ginormous and comes slathered in meats and sharp cheeses. super unhealthy and delicious.

The linguine with clam sauce comes with real clams and the red sauce is a touch spicy.

Meatball sandwich comes flattened so the balls dont roll off the bun.

Wings come regular or home made bbq and fried or baked. we went with bbq baked and enjoyed them. meaty. no celery or blue cheese, but it didnt really need it since it wasn’t so spicy.

Chicken parm could have used a touch more sauce, but giant and tasty. and finally the sausage sandwich was sweet and came with a hot cherry pepper on the side if you wanted fire.

all in all good stuff. they deliver. for dine in they are cash only but have an atm on premise.

Which do you hate more Cantaloupe or Honeydew?

Great question sparked by @thisisahotjam @YumMarksTheSpot on twitter



Answers will be revealed on Melon Monday!