Ever since Phoenix stole Philly’s title of 5th largest city, Philadelphia has been kept up at night with the sads. To make up for it this week, Philadelphia is currently pretending it is Arizona. It’s doing a pretty good job.

During my mile and a half walk home yesterday, I decided that I was going to boil if I didn’t stop and get something cool.

I popped into Phileo yogurt on 416 South Street, a super pink do it yourself yogurt shop.  I had the cappuccino with a mix of chocolate and rainbow sprinkles. (TAKE THAT JIMMIES!)

The heat, which no one can stop talking about, was 102 degrees, and apparently made my camera very unhappy.

Enjoy other people’s photos and other people’s blogs that are much more professional and worth reading than mine. 🙂

and finally this very much non yogurt one:

from http://ilovephileo.com/ . I think there may be a copyright infringement case going on in the future.