Yep. Still talking about the heat.

Yesterday was 1292938 degrees in the shade, so we left the house to go to Izumi. Some cool sushi seemed in order.

Unfortunately their little tiny air conditioner did NOTHING to cool. And who orders tempora in the 2937439875b degree heat?

ugh. But the food was good. I think, I didn’t really pay attention, because I was too busy dreaming about getting Capogiro a few doors down to really enjoy my fishies.

Capogiro on east passyunk ave is in the most delightful old house. Seemingly not as many flavors as the one in Center City – but the chocolate w/ candied hazelnuts and mango was yum. Pistachio may have been the winner of the night. The ice cream scooper in the white hat told us that they are planning movie nights in the short future in their back room. That would be nice for the kiddies on a hot day.

Look ! my camera decided not to die. Enjoy the photos of Gelato and Sorbetto. Today is only going to be 93 degrees so I’ll probably have a post about Soup and Stews up tomorrow.

how cute is this back room?