Keeeeen wah.

After spending time in the granola forests of Seattle, I decided to try to buy some keeeeenwah (Quinoa).

Superfresh apparently was out of stock, so I walked to Essene Market on 4th street.

I have a love hate relationship with Essene.

I love that it is a small community store that has a lot of healthy and different products.

I hate that scallions cost about 2 dollars a bunch.

And that there is no meat.  And that they claim their  “on-site bakery offering tantalizing sweets — all dairy-free and made without refined sugar.” Like that is possible.

Anyway – Essene exceeded my expectations of Quinoa. Did you know that there was more than one variety? I didn’t. In fact I didnt really know what it was and has to look at the ingredients to make sure it was Vegan (for a friend coming for a BBQ). The only ingredient was Quinoa because it is Quinoa. Whoa.

Anyway the following are photos of my shopping trip.  Stay tuned to photos of me actually cooking and eating it.