I had time to kill from Job A to Job B (how else do you think I afford to eat out so much?), and took a nice walk to get an iced coffee.  I stopped at Spruce Street Espresso. This coffee shop was hit by 2 cars in another life. I think. I can’t find a link. But they have 2 giant bollards at the door painted nicely.

Ok. so with iced coffee in tow, I wandered down Camac to the lovely old houses with american flags that are not ironic, and on to Irving to see a house with the most lovely curved wooden door to their backyard.  I wiggled some more and found myself facing the Garces trading company. I went inside to JUST LOOK. It took everything in my power to not get the garlic Dulce de leche. yum.

Nice walk.

Also posted: photo of zinc. tell me about this place. i’m curious.