friday afternoon in the summer = no one here = long walk at lunch.

neighborhood: old city.

lunch spot: continental, old city. counter style. crossword puzzle in the metro, style.

questions: what is the snow white diner turning into?

remember the umbrella shop that burned down? its nothing. almost as nothing as the vacant lot next to sign o’ rama aka nothing o’ rama. how can there be so much available real estate in this town?

observations: i’m happy that we have tourists in this city who can admire the neighborhood. i’m unhappy they walk slower than me on a crowded sidewalk. i’m happy that national mechanics has taken off. after the life and death of so many fine, fine establishments in that place, its good to see a building with fantastic architectural features last. i like that farmacia is so popular. i wonder what benny’s place was like, and how long the sign will stay up.

conclusions: i like it here.

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