We’ve shoved as many vegetables as possible into our tiny philly backyard. We have two raised beds and some containers. Cucumbers are growing like crazy. We’ve probably harvested about 20 so far. I’ve pickled a few and otherwise we’re on a cucumber a day diet. Also looking good are the little Sungold tomatoes and Beefsteaks. The Sungolds are a mix of planted and self seeded from last year. We also have some peppers in an earth box. That feels like cheating – but it really is a great product. Done for the season are Purple Beans. We only had like 3 a week – so it was a funny crop to eat. ‘Here are your 3 beans, Dear’.

Also new this year: Pumpkin. I’m insane and a poor reader. I imagined it would only need the space of one giant pumpkin. I didn’t account for all the leaves and vine. I dont have high hopes – but its growing like CRAZY and has a lot of flowers.

Halloween is going to be full of pumpkins this year.

Photos below:

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