We had to travel the long and winding road out of the city to get our car fixed up. I cried like a baby because I hate leaving the city and I was hungry and grumpy that I didn’t have a pool to swim in and it was HOT. Seriously grump inducing hot.

The only cure to shut my yap was seaside dining.

This general philadelphia nj deleware area needs better seaside dining options. Seriously – we have a huge amount of water around us – and very little good seafood places on the water.

We ended up with the blue hairs at Carlucci’s in Mt. Laurel.

I’m kinda embarrassed to type it, technically google maps, it WAS on the water, but not what I wanted. I wanted crab shanty. Anyway – it’s the type of place where the servings are HUGE and take note Starr and Garces: there was free soup or salad w/ entrée.  beat that!

I started with the lump crab cocktail. It was cheap and came with a well placed toothpick.

I’m going to come off like a giant snob if I keep typing. Photos will save me. You bet your beans they’re buttered! why wouldn’t they bE?

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this may be the worst song ever: