1. You learn something something every day. In googling Catahoula for the address and such I’ve learned it’s both a restaurant on front street and a dog. Which explains the cute logo. Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog Rescue can be found here.

2. I didn’t visit a dog but a restaurant. Catahoula is the new Saute 2 on Front street. We were told that it was revamped, to “fit better with the neighborhood”. The very very cajun neighborhood of Olde Queen’s Village. I think they mean they put in a bar and got a liquor license. That fits in with the neighborhood.

3. Philly.com did  a nice review. Snappy Pictures. We had the shrimp ap they photoed and it was good.

4. The night we were there there were 3 bloggers/food critics sitting next to me. One with a rather long ponytail.  They were taking photos with actual cameras and talking the quality of the food. I was too busy drinking swamp water and will never be a proper food critic.

5. Review? it was good. i’d go back. the outside space is nice, but feels alleyish. Inside feels crowded. the bar is good. i’d sit at the bar. My folks exclaimed at the end of the meal ” You’ve picked another winner!” so they’ve entered their grade as A+.

6. Did I mention the swamp water?