For the second season I’m growing sungold tomatoes. They are little yellow cherry tomatoes. They grow like crazy!

I took my bowl and made a sauce w/ them last night and served over sausage and peppers and fancy elbow macaronis.

Rough recipe:

Bowl of sungolds chopped in half, 3 chopped up red beefsteaks with the weirdo brown splitting parts chopped off, some water and olive oil, salt and sugar, garlic powder, dried oregano, and fresh basil chopped up.

Things you should do if you are a professional and not a lazy chef like me. Blanche the tomatoes first to get rid of the skin.

I dont mind the skin bits.

In another pan i simmered olive oil, green peppers from the csa, shallots from the spring garden market, and added chopped up pre cooked chicken sausage (basil and sun dried tomatoe flavored).

i was going to serve it over penne or another grown up noodle – but only had elbows.

topped with Parmesan  cheese from claudios king of cheese.

and chomp chomp chomp.

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