Last night was taco Tuesday in the foodle household. The ground turkey, fat free cheese and sour cream took something away, but these abs aren’t going to sculpt themselves….or something.

Philadelphia has a lot of Taco Tuesdays at places that serve real beef tacos with greasy deliciousness. Most are $1- $1.50 a crunch, add in a $2 can of PBR and you are in Recession heaven.

Here are some listings:

1. Tattooed Moms dollar tacos! and they have a great jukebox. and crafts on sunday. and free toys and lolipops on the tables. this place is more fun than all other places on south street combined.

2. Mikey’s American Grill & Sports Bar i dont know what this is, but it came up in my searches. this is for you university city, i love you.

3. Las Vegas Lounge the youth of today think this place is terrific. i have grown up and think this place was terrific but i’m an old dinosaur and wish they had those comfy couches back.

4. La Lupe Restaurant what? an actual mexican restaurant doing taco tuesday! how do you say crunch in spanish? is it, crunch? it’s crunch isnt it?!

5. Manny Brown’s you know, this place. food + beer + normal things that are expected of bars with food = a perfectly nice evening out.

6. There is also one at the Irish Pub but that just seems wrong, so I’m not linking to it. Although you may spy some Phillies players. One time we saw Brandon Duckworth there.  Celebrity Alert!

7. McGillin’s has a real deal with 2 tacos for a dollar – but it’s on WEDNESDAY! makes no sense – there is no alliteration with Taco Wednesday. Watermelon Wednesday would be a smarter marketing campaign.

8. Drinker’s Pub has dollar tacos All night Sunday – Thursday ! How do they stay in business?!

9. For the temple OWLS out there. hoot. pub webb has 99 cent Tacos. Once Cent Cheaper than most! Might be worth the subway ride! probably not.

10. I don’t have a tenth – but I felt the need to say I miss Taco Lou . So does this guy.

taco bed!