Finally got back on the grill the other night, and decided to go for something a little more ambitious than hot dogs…

This pork tenderloin has been hanging around in the freezer for a few weeks, just waiting to be grilled.  After paging through the BBQ Bible and BBQ USA, a sweet recipe, especially for alcoholics, jumped right out.


We adjusted the recipe slightly.  Our loin was only about a pound, so we just rubbed and glazed it, rather than butterflying.  Also cut down slightly on the butter and brown sugar.  And used turkey bacon.  Though this is still nowhere near healthy…

Did I mention there’s whiskey in this recipe?  I think the recipe called for a total of 6 tablespoons, but who was measuring?  We only had about 20 year old (aged cause we’re classy!) Teachers brand Scotch.  Bourbon would have been even better though.


But it turned out well- sweet and smoky and delicious!
And for good measure, here’s the song which was stuck in my head while preparing the dinner and the post…