So after we spent like a million dollars at the all you can eat crab bag – we decided to try it at home two nights later. for 1/4 the price!

For 7 humans (2 with tiny baby stomachs) we bought: 1 dozen medium crabs, 1 pound shrimp, 1 pound scallops, 6 ears of corn, and a bag of oreida waffle fries (to make old bay crab fries).

We wanted live crabs, but they can only legally sell steamed ones. Oh well.

The crabs and shrimp were tossed into the crab pot with miller light and water and steamed for about 5 minutes to heat up. They were coated with Old Bay.

Corn was shucked and boiled.

Scallops were cooked in: olive oil, s&p, garlic, shallots and garden tomatoes. They are done when they are golden on both sides.

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