Remember when you were a kid and played with play-doh?  Wasn’t that stuff awesome?!  And then, remember when you got the play-doh fun factory and turned a crank to turn your play-doh into snakes and noodles and it was even more awesome?!  AND THEN…remember when you ate the play-doh….and it wasn’t awesome at all…

If this is making you feel nostalgic, maybe you should get a pasta maker!

Sure, it takes a lot of time to make pasta. And you have to wait for it to dry out.  And the stuff is super cheap to just buy at the grocery store.  But making and playing with your own pasta dough is lots of fun!

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And then you can eat it and its delicious and doesn’t give you a tummy ache… These photos are from two separate pasta making sessions. We went with straight up linguine, topped with veggie tomato sauce and ravioli filled with ricotta and topped with brown buttery sage sauce.

Squish it Out!!! Squeeze it Through!!!