Sorry for the corny and clichéd post title, but its hard to come up with this stuff!

Anyway, I’d been in the mood for grilled fish lately, and decided on a nice piece of halibut the other night.  I’ve only been eating fish for a few years, and really didn’t start wondering too much about the fish I was eating until I started fishing.  So until recently, I had no idea what a halibut looked like.  I also had no idea what Fiorello LaGuardia looked like…so it was really helpful to find this photo of both together!

Many fish species are overfished, so it’s a good idea to peruse the Seafood Watch website. But honestly, I’m not sure what kind of halibut I had…um… acme halibut?

Grilling fish can be tricky sometimes, but big cuts, like halibut, tuna, bluefish or swordfish are a little easier.  If some of it sticks, you don’t lose your whole fish.  You can also use a fish basket. Just keep your grill hot, clean and oiled, and you’ll be fine. For the fish, I just brushed it with olive oil, and sprinkled on some salt and pepper. Halibut isn’t a particularly fishy tasting fish, so it doesn’t need much.

Also went with some grilled jersey fresh potatoes.  I wasn’t quite ready to accept that I was no longer at the shore, so I sprinkled the potatoes with old bay, garlic and salt and pepper, and brushed with olive oil.

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I used a bit too much old bay on the potatoes, so they were a bit too spicy- necessitating a nice dark local to wash them down!

This is awesome.