The Southwark restaurant is a richly colored restaurant on the parking lot street of 4th and Bainbridge.
We sat at the bar for dinner last night, which is where most of the other patrons were. There are no TVs so you are forced to talk to people! GASP!
I felt weird pulling out my Iphone to snap a few photos. It’s just not the kind of place to txt and tweet. It’s a place to chat with your neighbors and the friendly bartenders. We chatted a long time about gardening. The heirloom tomato and buffalo mozzarella salad on the menu are grown in his cape may garden!

Food! I ordered the Oysters and the Fluke Ceviche.

The Oysters came swimming in minuet sauce and a few caviar pieces. They tasted exactly like the ocean. I’ll let you interpret whether that is good or bad.

The Fluke ceviche came with a bed of shaved cucumbers, ground cherries, and nectarines. It was all local stuff which was neat. A lot of ceviche comes with tropical flavors – and being that we live in Pennsylvania – having it come with local flavors was fantastic!

I had never had a ground cherry before. It’s yellow and tastes less sweet – almost tart. Perfect for a ceviche.

Also tasted was the Short ribs w/ a corn chutney. Very tasty.

And finally for dessert: handmade coconut Ice Cream with a cute mint sprig! Definitely tasted handmade.

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