For 13 dollars I bought a red snapper at the hung vuong supermarket

They clean and gut it for you. I didnt ask them to filet it.

I made a spice paste with about 2 tablespoons of Annatto, a tablespoon of chili oil, a little water, salt and pepper, thyme and garlic powder. I rubbed it all over.

I had never heard of annatto before yesterday, but thought I’d try it. It was peppery but also flowery. It’s used apparently as a spice and as a dye. And my hands are still a little orange today – so it seems to be a very good dye.

Shoved in the belly of the snapper was: one lemon sliced, half a green bell pepper, a few sprigs of fresh basil and about 10 sun gold tomatoes sliced.

We gently placed (smooshed) the fish into a fish basket and put it on the grill for 15 minutes.

Then massacred it to serve. I need lessons in filleting fish.

Tasted really great! not fishy at all. And 13 dollars for 2 fish dinners really isn’t bad at all. Red snapper I thank you!

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