Happy fall!

So with one half of a monster Neck pumpkin from Lancaster, PA I made the following soup:

One half of a neck pumpkin. Peeled. They are really easy to peel. Then i chopped into cubes. They are also easy to chop.

Then in a soup pot, I sprayed some Pam spray, and sautéd two minced garlic cloves.

To the garlic I added the chopped cubed pumpkins, 1 chopped up celery stalk, and a can of chicken broth.

Then I added like two table spoons of parlsey and 1 tablespoons of curry powder and a few shakes of sage and a few shakes of pepper. essentially – season to taste.

simmer. simmmer. simmmmmmmer. until the pumpkin chunks are soft. like 10 minutes.

then mush by hand or use a handy immersion blender.