So Texas is hot. Have you heard that before? Well mid september, leaves aren’t crunchy and pumpkins aren’t in bloom. You would think in this heat, they would be masters as SnowCone and Freezie Pops.

But no, they are really good at BBQ. Percy, Bebes, Phoebe’s, Ron’s, Sweet Lucy’s – take notes. There is just something allright with Texas bbq. Beyond deliciousness, it’s more rustic without trying to fit in with the east coast fancy dining.

or something. Am I saying that dining in 100 degrees on a dirty wooden table is better than anything back home? AM I?

I had a pulled pork sandwich, with coleslaw on top, brisket and potato salad was tasted. Smokey hits your face, then spicy creeps up, then there is a zing.

ok just go here and see all the wonderfulness.

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