last night because of the craptastic weather, we decided to go out to eat. we wandered around town and decided to go to Supper. It’s been around a while, but we had never been.

It’s an open room on the first floor, with cool lamps and an open kitchen. There were about 8 diners in the room.

We ordered smoked chicken wings, that were in a birch beer sauce; the mushroom toast w/ shirred egg; and the burger.

We start chomping on our wings when all of a sudden CHASE UTLEY and JEN UTLEY and 4 other nobody’s come in.

He was wearing his trademark skull cap and said maybe 5 words all night. He was with loud story tellers and there was a lot of laughter.

And I couldn’t help but stare and then not stare at all. MAN I was nervous.

I can report that he eats wings with his hands and drinks beer out of a glass.

I can also report that we are going to win the World Series.

I didnt have my phone with me and I was told by my dining companion to ‘let the man eat his dinner in peace’.

But here is a picture of what he looked like: