So last night I had a delicious Brekenridge Vanilla porter and some chicken fingers with honey mustard sauce .

Oh, and Roy Halladay threw a no hitter. Like for real – that just happened.

For the next month my posts will probably be revolved around where I watch baseball.

Buffalo Billiards is ginormous and has 30 or so big teevees – and the sound is on. One tv in the corner is on a slower feed – so you can see replays a few seconds later. Which is fun when that commercial where the guy kisses the tiny giraffe comes on and you just HAVE TO SEE IT AGAIN!

And they have shuffle board and skee ball. i love skee ball. I was hoping they would give you tickets for free beers, but they didnt.

Happy hour is 6-8, or more specifically, as our waitress told us 6:06-8:06 for some reason she didnt explain well. Service was slow as more folks came in, but not bad.

Food is just bar bar bar food. nothing to write home about. though i’m writing here and will say the honey mustard sauce was good. apps are half price during happy hour, so it turns out to be sorta cheap.

Games not during hh could be pricey to watch here.

But the seating is pleantiful, and the tv’s are big.

Thumbs up.