the Pope was the cornerstone of the east Passyunk revival, with its shaking jukebox, large beer list, and solid bar food menu. how it turned a dark german looking castle bar into something we all want to go to, i dont know. but it’s still around and just as rockin as ever.

the night market last night was PACKED. hooray for stuff happening. but it was too packed to eat, so we went to the POPE.

eats: veggie burger and mashed sweet potatoes. burger came with a fried green tomato. how fun. mashed sweets were great. love sweet potatoes over regular potatoes.

regular burger – ordered medium came belly upsetting raw. tasted good though. good crispy fries w/ mayo sauce.

chicken tacos – really good and fresh.


southern tier pumking! yum. this comes in a goblet here, but a pint glass at the Ten Stone. interesting. not sure the price difference.


Heather is the main enchilada. She is adept and friendly. She remembers you time after time and never misses a beat.  Here is a picture of her happily serving our table while stepping over a drunk hipster.