Good morning Friday, nice to see you.

We decided to get up in the sixes today and walk to work. “It will be an adventure” we said. “We can stop at Morning Glory and have eggs!” Sounded great!

When the alarm went off at 6, I said, just 5 more minutes, then another 5, then another. I closed my eyes and put one arm over my head and thought about how cold the air was in the sixes. The puppy dog wasn’t even up; and as I lie still, I remembered my dream of naming my rock band ‘leg arrows’. Clearly my mind was aware of the sharp little puppy dog legs jabbing me all night. Leg arrows indeed.

I crept out of bed and looked out the window. It’s still dark in the sixes. A cab drove by. I thought that was a better idea than our early morning walk, but didnt say anything. I slunk off to the shower and started moving along.

It was clear at 6:45 that a long breakfast wasn’t going to happen, so we settled on grabbing a coffee and a bagel. We walked through the italian market. Ray’s happy birthday bar was open, with two patrons having an early morning drink. I wondered what their story was. Were they up all night? Did they just get off of work? Are they going to work? I wondered what it would be like to have a beer in the sixes. I thought better of it.

The italian market stands were just waking up. Men were putting out produce on the crooked wooden carts. The produced looked better in the early sevens, before the warm sun wilted them, and flies visited. The butchers were in their aprons, putting out meats and wiping the glass cases. The fish store’s doors were open, and even though I saw no fish, I smelled it. I suppose it never smells unfishy there. Godbless the next tenant.

We stopped at Gleaners around 7:15. The woman working the counter was blessedly cheery. I got a giant Pumpkin spiced coffee and a peanut butter and jelly bagel. She suggested the home made spicy ketchup on my partner’s egg and cheese bagel, but he declined. Didn’t want to chance a stain on his shirt. The music was on – something rocking – but quiet. There was art on the walls and Halloween decorations littered throughout.

A few other patrons zipped in and out and it, met with a friendly smile and a warmth not always found in the am. It was possibly the most lovely time I’ve had in the sevens.

We ate quickly, chatted about our upcoming weekend, and walked on – parting at our stops with a kiss and a smile.

A rare awake morning for us in the city.

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