The following is an email regarding love your park day, and the joys of a GIANT LEAF SUCKING MACHINE!
Hello, Pennsport Civic!
This email is a reminder about Park activities on Saturday, November 13, in conjunction with Philly Green’s city-wide Love Your Park Fall Edition event.  This will take place from 9am – 1 pm on Saturday, meet at the Parsons Building.
As per the season, and because of all of the trees in the Park, there are many fallen leaves.  Lots and lots of leaves.  If fact, we’ve estimated that there are over 8 billion trillion leaves on the ground at this writing. And they do need to be raked, if only to prevent them from blowing down Morris, Mountain, and Fernon, to lessen the burden of sweeping for our kind neighbors on those streets.  It also keeps the Park looking relatively fresh.
But this time, it’s different.  In Autumns past, we toiled putting fallen leaves into bags large and small.  This year, we will think of bags as relics of a dark past, because we will have… 


Yes, it will be a great and mighty truck dedicated to leaf collection that will have a huge, round leaf sucking tube.  All we need to do is to rake the leaves onto tarps, and drag them to the truck.  The location of the truck is still yet to be determined, but they’ll accomodate to help make the job as easy and as productive as possible.


Now, don’t ask how we pulled off this coup, how we made the GIANT LEAF SUCKING TRUCK appear seemingly from nowhere, who had to be stung, blackmailed, or jacked up against a wall, but there it is.

Granted, there will still be raking to be done after Thanksgiving.  But for at least one shining, triumphant moment, we will experience the power of the GIANT LEAF-SUCKING TRUCK, and bear solemn witness to a revolution in leaf raking like this park has never before seen.

It’s giant!  It sucks leaves!  It is the
We’ll also be dong miscellaneous maintenance.  Snacks, coffee, and quite possibly lunch will be served.

Thanks, and we’ll see you there.
The Friends of Dickinson Square Park