i do what foobooz tells me.

for lunch i walked under the bus terminal past the delicious smells of crowne fried chicken to dim sum garden.

59 North 11th Street Philadelphia, PA 19107-3004 – (215) 627-0218

rather than a first date kinda place, its a 50th lunch with a good friend kinda place.

slurpy pork soup is wrapped in a present of dough.

i had no idea how to eat it. so i chomped on it a little and sucked the soup out. then ate the dough. good enough?

the dumpling dipping sauce and chili dipping sauce were good too. the ginger one was too vinegary.

because I also do what laban says, we also had the pork and chive and scallion pancakes. any vessel for the dumpling sauce was alright with me.


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