We were very excited to go to Talulah’s Garden to celebrate our anniversary last night. 

We made reservations over a month ago and walked to the restaurant in the nice Spring weather, excited to sit in the garden outside. We arrived right on time, but the hostess informed us that we had to sit inside, unless we wanted to wait an hour for an outside table.

So we were bummed from the start of our meal.

Inside looks very similar to Farmacia.  We were seated near the cheesemonger station at a banquet of 2 tops that have about 2 inches between tables. So getting to know your neighbor is part of the experience in this section.

Our waitress was knowledgable, but frosty and curt. The people who brought out the dishes were friendly and we commented that we wished they were our waitress.

We started with a cocktail (The Cheesemaker – Gin, Vodka, and Orange spices) and ordered the Tempura Squash Blossoms (Stuffed with Goat Cheese) while we figured out the rest of our meal.

The Cheese and Tempura breading were the primary flavors of the Squash blossom. I had wanted to taste more blossom, or herbs, and felt they were a little too heavy and not spring gardeny. They come four to a plate and are very sharable.

We also split the Tortelloni of Slow roasted goat that comes 3 to a bowl with cheese and peas. The goat was very very tasty, the tortelloni was a little chewy, but overall a good dish. We remarked about a similar pasta dish at Vetri, where the pasta is stuffed with slow roasted veal and the pasta just melts in your mouth. If that pasta was an A, this was a B. Good, but not as good as great.

For our entree – we got the Clam Risotto and Marinated Halibut and 6 very loud obnoxious drunk adults.

The rice in the clam risotto was too tough for my liking. I prefer it much softer and not chewy/hard rice grains. The clams were fine and it came with a lemony squid on top which was perfect. The squid saved the dish. I didn’t eat more than a few bites of the risotto and for 26 dollars thought the dish failed.

The Halibut was well cooked and simple, may have needed a seasoning or two though, the oxtail stuffed artichoke was really good, and the SEA BEANS! hillarious name and I found them delicious. tasted like pickles. tiny bean pickles. I was most excited about Sea beans from the whole meal.

Due to the waitress really not caring about us, and the super loud drunk table next to us, and the AC being freezing, and not being in love with the experience, we skipped desert and cheese. We paid the bill and grumbled as we walked past the empty tables in the garden.

We walked to AMADA and sat at the bar where we could talk to one an other easily. And where the garlic dolce de leche and nuttela accompaniment to the cheeses were a perfect dessert.

So in conclusion. The Talulah experience was a Bummer.