M Restaurant  is a hidden gem in this hustle and/or bustle city. It’s setting is a quiet off the street garden(or indoors if you fancy) on 8th street. It’s chef is creative and imaginative. The service is very very very slow, but thoughtful and nice. And they have little touches through the meal, like your name printed on the menu and free after after desserts.

WARNING- if you are in a rush – you should not go here.

We started with a 4 sample cheese plate that came with small jams and fruit pastes. The Cheddar and blue stood out.

Then shared the duck prosciutto which came with a Fake peach egg. it was a jello egg filled with peach puree. kinda weird but all top chefffy and creative.

Another food experiment was the Eggplant terrine that came with liquefied olives that were then jello’d back together in little rings. They tasted like olive jello. 3 of the diners thought it was cool – one said – what’s the point, just serve the olive? i guess -but i wouldnt have remembered that.

The salad came with tofu and it was pleasant enough for the very very non tofu eaters.

at the end of the meal – after coffee and dessert they gave us free almond French macaroons in honor of French macaroon day. they were delicious and a nice touch!

here is a photo of their garden from the restaurant. I recommend this place for a date night. Or brunch with grandma and grandpa. or dinner with old friends who you like a lot and want to talk to for 3 hours.


M Restaurant garden seating

photo credit from their website.