Went back to finally eat a meal at Kennett last night.

I’ve been there a few times for drinks. Once I was there and saw Glen MacNow  Who, to my surprise, sounds exactly like he sounds on the radio, but looks nothing like what he sounds like.

We sat up front. It’s more fun to sit at the tables near the bar than in the back by the kitchen. It’s also a little cooler by the bar away from the kitchen.

Service is very friendly and fast. Decent prices for the portions. Good beer list.

We started with: 

“beets and feta:  ruby red beets, cooked tender and preserved in wine, vinegar, and spice with mild bulgarian feta, mint, parsley, dill, and chive”

our review of this. good portions – perfect for sharing. There was a lot of acidic things on the plate wine and vinegared beets mixed with a pretty powerful feta. Herbs were nice and fresh, but I needed something cool and non acidic to go with it.  maybe greens? bread? cucumber? Yards love stout? yes.

I’ve heard GREAT things about their pizza. so we got the: 

“salumeria:  salami, tomato, fresh mozzarella, and sicilian olives” also not mentioned on online menu, but had radicchio on it.

our review: We are pizza snobs.

our pizza review: good crust texture though had a little too much flour on the bottom. sauce is very tomatoey – may need some more sugar and olive oil. fresh mozzerella is good, but never melts right. olives were big green young olives sliced. not the smooshy black olive you find at Dominos pizza. pieces of salami were tasty but hard to find. radicchio added a bitterness that was nice.  It looked a hot mess, but was a decent pizza.


Bonus: yards love stout came in a lovely yards love stout glass. WHICH WE DID NOT STEAL. because we are good people. snobs, but good.

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