I’ve entered in a few silly cocktails for a Philadelphia inspired drink contest. I was trying to think of things really philly, but drinkable, but silly. Plus I was bored.

Finalists get picked today. fingers crossed. Here were my submissions. Try them at home, if you dare.

Rooby Frooty Cherry Sody

in a tall glass.
fill with ice
3/4 Frank’s Black Cherry Wishniak Soda
1/4 Art in the Age Rhuby

Garnish with a wild free range organic cherry from Lancaster, PAhttp://www.cherryhillorchards.com
‘The Peanut Slew’ and Homage to the Goldenberg’s chew that was.

1 shot Nut Liquor (http://www.nutliquor.me/)
1 shot Godiva Liquor (www.godiva.com)
1 shot half and half

Shakey shake shake in a shaker with ice, pour into a chilled glass.

Garnish with a bite sized peanut chew. Milk or Dark. i like dark.

The Phanatic

1 pint of Miller light
1 shot of absinthe (a green one)

enjoy in lot k, 2st and the like.

the Cheesesteaker

bacon vodka (your own infusion or bakonvodka.com)
splash extra dry vermouth
splash olive juice

shakey shake and serve in martini glass

garnish with pearl onion and sharp cheese cube

Good luck to all the entrants. but mostly good luck to mine.